Friday 4 September 2015

100 days of Power Supply

My friends say I’m a self hater. They are right. Some of the choices I make are quite mind boggling. Like shouldn’t I be kissing APC’s cheeks, hoping to get some political appointment, or contract but I’m here, still insisting that PMB must do more than use body language to run the country.
I had promised myself not to discuss politics here. My blog is for laughter and encouragement but just this once, let me break the rule.

We’re making a fool of ourselves with this constant rush to defend even the president’s cough.  A few days ago, I saw on Twitter, someone boasting about how through social media, they brought change to the country. What change? Is it not rather early to shout Uhuru?  What major landmark has the president achieved in 100 days? Which of his promises or the promises APC made has been fulfilled? Why are we lowering the bar just because we want to be right?
Okay, he’s declared his assets, that is if you accept that as an asset declaration, but is that an achievement? I’m seeing APC fans jumping for joy, mocking the president’s critics, because he has declared his assets?  Really?

Electricity has greatly improved, at least in some areas, but can this be attributed to the current Government? No one seems to really know. Someone said it was due to his body language. Yesterday I read a report that said Buhari’s orders to operators was the reason for improved power supply, another said there’s been no pipeline vandalism since Buhari came to power.  If this Government is going to claim power improvement, it’d be nice to tell us exactly what’s responsible and how the President made it happen, apart from body language of course, and the plans to sustain it.

APC has been shouting down contrary opinions since 1901. People called me names because I raised questions about Buhari and APC and now they say I’m bitter because I continue to raise questions. We don’t have many rights as Nigerians but at least we have the right to ask questions. It should be our collective responsibility to question our leaders irrespective of their political platform. Language already separates us, and culture, and class, we mustn't let political parties join the list. In my opinion, APC should lose the APC twitter handle, and simply tweet as the Federal Government. Almost every time I read a tweet from that handle, I cringe. You’d think there’s a different country called APC.

We can’t be quiet about Aregbeshola’s inability or refusal to pay salaries but scream with the loudest voices at Fayose because he allegedly asked civil servants to kneel down. We’re shooting ourselves in the foot with this selective criticism. And it will come back to haunt us.
One of the reasons I believe GEJ’s Government didn't perform as well as it should have was psychophants, people patting him on the back when they should have chastised him.  We’re doing the same thing to President Buhari. We wanted change, it can only be achieved if we hold our leaders to their words, not defend them when they break it.

I did not support Buhari during the elections  but I have no qualms about  being wrong. I will personally bake the humble pie and eat it with relish.  For if Nigeria truly changes,  all our lives will change with it.