Tuesday, 26 July 2016

The Rise And Rise Of Nollywood

Catch me If you can. This is probably how Nollywood feels.  Like, hi  there, think you can catch me? People have tried to gag it, tried to understand it, tried to bury it but the industry only seems to be soaring higher. I can almost see her making a face with her tongue out. 

Since Ay’s record breaking film; 30 days in Atlanta, Nollywood has seen a steady increase in sales at the cinemas.  This year promises to be even better with Omoni Oboli’s Wives on Strike already taking the lead position at over 60million naira box office. 

With the number of big names coming at the second quarter of the year, one can comfortably say that the tide is really about to change. 

Could this be the change Nigerians were expecting? Wink wink.

The CEO has already enjoyed a good opening week and if the ensuing word of mouth is good,  he’ll be home free.

Then there’s  93 days. 
Meet The In-laws
The Arbitration
Okafor’s Law
 A Trip To Jamiaca
Lions Of 76
The Wedding Party

About a  week ago, I tweeted that I look forward to a time when Nollywood will bring in more numbers than Hollywood in Nigerian cinemas. Some people agreed to keep the hope citing the music industry as an example. Others mocked me.  Time will tell I guess. 
Did you people think that I will not mention my own film? Duh. Lost In London might just break the record. Who knows?

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  1. A very good time to be in Nollywood.