Monday 8 January 2018

Wisdom tooth removal

Happy New Year.

I want to say that this new year, I’d be blogging more but that would probably be a lie so we’ll simply see how it goes. No promises.

Two months ago, I had a wisdom tooth surgically removed. It was a long, painful and terrifying experience. A week after, I didn’t get better so to google I went. That’s a major reason I’m sharing this story, there was very little information out there particularly by Africans. I know you’re thinking why the source of information matter, after a tooth is a tooth. Well, it kinda brings it closer to home when your ‘brethren’ shares the experience.  Apparently, in rare cases, a nerve is damaged during the surgery causing some part of your mouth to be numb, in my own case, my lower left lip and teeth.  

The nerve is expected to regenerate in due course (could take months) but in some very rare cases it never does.
It’s been about two months since I had my extraction, I still do not have the feeling back. I saw an orthodontist three weeks ago, he did some tests, basically using a gauze to check for feeling around the area. He assured me my case isn’t permanent. I think I may actually be starting to feel stuff there but it’s still very pomoish (puffy)

It’s funny how a seemingly small issue such as toothache could cause you permanent damage.  Other than the discomfort, I’m not in pain. Sometimes it affects my speech, other times not.  There’s a shocking feeling on one or two of the affected teeth. That’s the worst part.
I have a dentist appointment this week and I’ll keep anyone who cares to know.

I have never liked phone calls, now I hate them even more. 

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